Culture & Society in Higher Education


Dr. Sasso serves as Senior Co-Editor with Dr. Joseph L. DeVitis to curate a textbook series entitled Culture and Society in Higher Education that analyzes the role of higher education as an incubator, transmitter, and transformer of culture. While examining the larger social, economic, and political connections that shape the academy, it seeks to revivify American colleges and universities and to re-explore their core purposes. In so doing, the series reaffirms our social contract and the common public good that should ideally drive the policies and practices of contemporary post-secondary education. Prospective book topics include, but are not limited to, such themes as the purposes of higher education, the worth of college, student learning, new forms of liberal education, race matters, feminist perspectives, LGBTQ issues, inclusion and social justice, student mental health and disabilities, drug-related topics, inclusion and social justice, fraternity and sorority life, student activism, campus religious questions, significant legal challenges, problems of governance, the changing role of faculty, academic freedom and tenure, political correctness and free speech, testing dilemmas, the amenities “arms race,” student entitlement, intercollegiate athletics, technology and social media, and distance instruction.

The text series is distributed by Myers Education Press and Stylus Publishing.

Series Submissions

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for consider under this series, please contact Dr. Sasso directly for more information. Also, see the document below for guidance. The series accepts proposals on a rolling basis.

Book Series Proposal Format & Guidelines

Current Series Projects

  1. Dear-Healey, S. (2019). Boys, Balls and Books: Untangling the Provocative Relationship Between Academics and Collegiate Sports.
  2. Smith, M. & Tarantino, K. (2019). Generally Speaking: The Impact of General Education on Student Learning in the 21st Century.
  3. Snipes, J.T. & Manson, S. (2020) Remixed and Reimagined: Innovations in Religion, Spirituality, and (Inter)Faith in Higher Education.