Higher Education & Society (2016)

By collaborating with some of the foremost scholars in higher education and the social foundations of education, this text asks two fundamental questions. The first question is, “What is the purpose of higher education to society?” and the second is, “What is the purpose of society to higher education?” The first question and its related chapters view this question through multiple lenses and will discuss the relationship of higher education and its service contribution to the larger population. The second question and its related chapters will explore how society can contribute to higher education in reaffirming the social contract, thereby reinvigorating its historical ethos. Through exploration of the true ethos of higher education and examining its core purpose, this text will inspire those within society and postsecondary education to rediscover the ideal that once drove its inception as a public good.

This book was positively reviewed in the NACADA Journal and the Journal of College Student Development.

Journal of College Student Development (2016, 57(1), 112-114)


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