Research Supervision



This section summarizes the research supervision experiences of Dr. Sasso. He has supervised masters capstone projects, theses, and doctoral dissertations. Those submitted for publication are in bold. 

Monmouth University- Completed Master’s Papers

  • First-Generation Advising in Equal Opportunity Programs, Dellavella, J. (2014)
  • Academic Advising in Women Populations. Epstein, B. (2014)
  • Women’s Leadership Develop Programs, Merkel, K. (2015)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville- Completed Master’s Capstones

  • New Student Orientation Programming and Retention at the Community College, McLaughlin, C. (2016)
  • Benefits and Feasibility of Intrusive Advising: Advisor and Faculty Perceptions. Schneider, D. (2016) (Published)
  • Financial Aid Literacy and Barriers in Community College Students. Eilers, E. (2016)
  • Satisfaction and Support in Community College Students. Hale, J. (2016)
  • Academic Probation: Student Perceptions. Heap, R. (2016).
  • Awareness and Perceptions of Bystander Intervention for Sexual Violence by Undergraduate Student Leaders. Dixon, S. (2017)
  • Non-Traditional Belief Groups: Accommodation and Outreach. Arnold, M. (2017) (Published)
  • “Frats R’ Tite:” Reflections from Fraternity Men on Gender and Image. Somers, R. (2017)
  • Perspectives of Admissions Professionals in the Use of Holistic Admissions in Undergraduate Student Recruitment. Coleman, D. (2017)
  • A Self Analysis of Foundational Professional Competencies by Community College Student Affairs Professionals. Dunn, A. (2017)
  • A Qualitative Study of Diversity Initiatives within Higher Education. Acoff, F. (2017).
  • Attachment Styles and Involvement in Commuter College Students. Paladini, A. (2017)
  • A Qualitative Study on Male Athlete Persistence at a Small, Midwestern, Christian, Liberal Arts School. Gibson, H. (2017)
  • Student Usage and Perceptions of a Recreation Center at a Midwestern State University. Rubin, J. (2017)
  • Stress Management & Coping Strategies in Undergraduate Students at a Midwestern State University. Gilbert, M. (2017) (submitted for publication)
  • Disability Support Service Office Directors’ Perceptions of The Role That Co-curricular Programming Plays in Supporting Students with Disabilities. Johnson, A. (2018)
  • A Qualitative Study of the Experiences Navigating Mental Health and Support Services for Division I Student-Athletes at a Midwestern University. McCarthy, B. (2018) (submitted for publication)
  • Perspectives on Job Satisfaction and Strategies for Improving Retention from Live-in and Live-on Full-time Residence Life Staff Members. St. Louis, C. (2018)
  • Experiences and Perspectives of Nontraditional Residential Student Parent. Horne, J. (2018).
  • Black and Brown: The Shades of College Access among Black Undergraduate Students. Hale, J. (2018)
  • Student Engagement at a Midwestern Professional STEM Postsecondary Institution. Rogers, R. (2018).
  • First-Generation Undergraduate Student Experiences. Curry, M. (2018).
  • Student Perceptions of Hazing in Greek-letter Organizations. Dunning, R. (2018).
  • An Examination of Academic Recovery Programs. Shemwell, T. (2018) (submitted for publication)
  • Transfer Students: An Exploration of the Experiences of Undergraduate Students. Akinyi, Y. (2018)

Maryville University EdD Higher Education Dissertation Chair:

  • Goederis, A. Profile Of First-Generation, Generation-Z Students Using the University Learning Outcomes Assessment at a Midwestern Public University. (2020)