Student Activism in the Academy: Its Struggles and Promise (2019)

Student Activism in the Academy: Its Struggles and Promise is a wide-ranging, provocative survey of student activism in America’s colleges and universities that critically analyzes the contentious problems and progress of a movement that has stirred public reaction in and out of academe. Its fundamental purpose is to engage diverse publics in both reasoned and passionate reflection and soul searching on vital issues that surround campus protest. Thus, the essays in this volume respect the need to consider how to weigh freedom, fairness, safety, and protection inside and outside the walls of ivy. Their authors ponder the big picture of student activism, including:

• strategies for student activism
• the role of social media and technology
• legal questions on campus speech
• the dilemmas of political correctness
• generational differences among student activists
• and various forms of student protest related to race, class, gender, and disabilities.

Both professional and student voices prompt us to better comprehend academic realities with more hope and wisdom. Administrators, faculty, students, and student life personnel in higher education—indeed, all those interested in today’s colleges and universities–will want to participate in the timely and productive dialogue within these pages.

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