The Dynamic Student Development Meta-Theory: A New Model for Student Success (2018)

The new model of student success is termed the DSDM or Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel. The book is edited and authored by Drs. Mark Frederick (Indiana State University), Pietro Sasso, and Jose Maldonado (Monmouth University) and will be published by Peter Lang Publishing. While the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel has not yet been introduced to the field of higher education, its substance is the intentional application of highly effective supports, services, interventions, and programs designed to support and enhance the construct of “college student success.” The DSDM is also a highly dynamic model which can be applied to meet the unique needs and context of a given institution. As such, the DSDM’s concept is already at play in many areas of higher education and this textbook will serve as a compendium to present the broader construct of actively managing students’ collegiate experiences. This will be released in spring 2018.

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