This section provides an overview of Dr. Sasso’s teaching style and approach that is connected to critical pedagogy. This section also contains a list of previously taught courses as well as a Philosophy of Teaching.

25395739_10101092117849189_1799374682035557299_nDr. Sasso has become an exceptional educator for both professionals and students alike; my ratings as a faculty member have been consistently high. He has also taught in traditional lecture, synchronous and asynchronous online platforms, and hybrid course formats.


Teaching Philosophy:

Dr. Sasso’s teaching philosophy is rooted in critical pedagogy with active, reflective practices. This is distilled in the Teaching Philosophy and Pedagogy Statement. [Click here for a copy.]

Course Instruction

Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Fall 2016-Present

Taught courses: (1) EPFR 503 Research Methods in Higher Education; (2) EDAD 594 Final Research Project; (3) EPFR 514 College Student Learning & Development; (4) EDAD 554 Practicum Seminar (hybrid/online); (5) EDAD 583 Organization & Administration in Higher Education; (6) EPFR 516 Individual & Group Dynamics (online); (7) EDAD 504 History, Philosophy, & Organization of Higher Education (hybrid).; (8) EDAD 574 Introduction to Student Affairs.

Affiliate Professor, Marywood University, PhD in Education, Summer 2016

Taught courses: (1) Communication Theory in Organizations (online); (2) Adult Learning Theory & Practice (online)

Assistant Professor, Monmouth University, Fall 2012-Summer 2016
Taught courses: (1) EDC 500 Introduction to Professional Counseling (hybrid); (2) EDC 501 Introduction to College Student Development & Student Affairs (hybrid); (3) EDL 541 Leadership and Administration of Campus Environments (hybrid); (4) EDC 602A Internship II in School Counseling, (5) EDC 599: Special Topics: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education, (6) EDC 601B Internship I in Student Affairs; (7) EDC 602B Internship II in Student Affairs; (8) EDC 600 Contemporary College Student/Practicum in Student Affairs; (8) EDC 535 Diversity and Social Justice; (9) EDC 580 Behavioral Issues in Counseling (hybrid); (10) EDC 510 Human Growth & Development Across the Lifespan (online); (11) EDL 601 Research Methods and Applications; (12) EDC 599: Special Topics: Leadership Development Programs in Student Affairs; (13) EDC 599: Special Topics: College Student Mental Health; (14) EDC 599: Special Topics: Academic Advising in Higher Education; (15) EDC 599: Special Topics: The First-Generation College Student.

Co-Instructor, Old Dominion University, Spring 2012

Taught courses: HIED 668/868 Internship in Higher Education Administration-Coordinated site supervisor evaluations, placements, graded assignments, and lead in reflection sessions.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Old Dominion University, Spring 2010-Spring 2012

Served as graduate teaching assistant for: (1) HIED 708/808 The Multicultural University; (2) HIED 711/811 Higher Education in Society; (3) HIED 745/845 Contemporary College Student; (4 HIED 737/837 Academic Issues in Higher Education; (5) HIED 668/868 Internship in Higher Education Administration; (6) Higher Education Writing Seminar

Instructor, Old Dominion University, Fall 2009-Spring 2012

Taught courses: (1) UNIV 110 Freshman Academic Success; (2) UNIV 111 Transfer Student Success; (3) UNIV 112 Sophomore Student Success; (4) UNIV 120 Career and Major Exploration; and (5) UNIV 100 First-Year Experience Seminar.

Related Teaching Experience

Instructor, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Ladder of Risk Program, Spring 2012-2016

Educate fraternity men on liability, hazing, alcohol, and insurance for Pi Kappa Phi chapters.

Facilitator, Tau Delta Phi Pyramid Leadership Institute, Spring 2009-2016:

Served as a facilitator for alcohol awareness education educational sessions for members of Tau Delta Phi Fraternity.

Instructor, Old Dominion University Fraternity/Sorority Leadership Institute, Spring 2012

Lead cohort of student leaders in a series of leadership development experiences and exercises.

Facilitator, Randolph-Macon College New Member Fraternal Values Academy, Fall 2015

Lead cohort of student leaders in a series of leadership development experiences and exercises.